Lorraine Chidester


Lorraine is a board certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, who started her nursing career in 1988, and has decades of providing direct patient care in the intensive care settings, including trauma, burn, and cardiac units. Lorraine has experience treating all ages across the lifespan. Areas of expertise include depression, anxiety, OCD, mood disorders, schizophrenia, substance abuse, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Autism, and PTSD. 

Lorraine uses the biopsychosocial model which considers the interconnection between biology, psychology, and socio-environmental factors. She focuses on patient-centered, holistic care by promoting a symbiotic, patient-provider relationship. She values collaboration and develops an individualized treatment plan using integrated functional and conventional medicine, allowing the patient to guide the direction of treatment. Lorraine provides a warm, calming environment that allows patients to feel safe and heard. Through understanding of neurobiology, psychotherapy, functional medicine, and psychopharmacology, Lorraine utilizes an integrative care model encouraging mental, physical and social wellness.


University of Iowa, Doctoral Candidate |  University of Texas, Post-Master's Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner | University of Texas, MSN | University of Texas, BSN

Nicole is a Board-Certified Family Nurse Practitioner with additional Board Certification in Psychiatric Mental Health, with over 20 years of nursing experience. Nicole promotes a humanistic and holistic approach in successfully managing mental health concerns for individuals of all ages. Nicole provides psychiatric evaluations and medication management with respect to each individual’s history of life experiences all while promoting an environment that is safe, supportive and understanding.

Nicole began her healthcare career as a medic in the United States Air Force during Operation Desert Storm. Upon discharge, she further pursued her nursing career ambitions and is currently helping individuals acheive remission of mental illness.


University of Iowa, Doctoral Canidate | University of Iowa, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner | University of Iowa, Family Nurse Practitioner | University of Iowa, MSN | Missouri Western State College, BSN


Nicole Topliff



Dr. Erin Fox-Hammel


Dr. Erin Fox-Hammel is a board-certified Psych/Mental Health & Family Nurse Practitioner who was raised in Iowa. She is passionate in providing individualized culturally sensitive care and treats individuals over lifespan, and embraces each person’s uniqueness. She believes there is no one size fits all approach to care or treatment, therefore she encompasses her practice on evidence-based practices, care coordination with other healthcare team members, and partners with her patients. Dr. Fox-Hammel empowers her patients by incorporating medications, lifestyle modifications, complementary/alternative medicine, and supportive psychotherapy into treatment. She strives to provide a safe, non-judgmental/non-critical environment allowing her patients to feel listened to and cared for, and empowering individuals to achieve optimal mental well-being.


University of Iowa, Doctorate of Nurse Practitioner | University of Iowa, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner | University of Iowa, Family Nurse Practitioner | Grandview University, MSN, Clinical Nurse Leadership | Grandview University, RN, BSN, Nursing

Angela is a Dual Board-Certified Family/Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. Angela started her nursing career in 1996 and has been practicing as a Family Nurse Practitioner since 2000. Angela pursued additional education and expertise in Psychiatry and is compassionate about helping individuals with mental illness. She is providing care to individuals of all ages, who need mental health treatment.


University of Iowa, DNP, Doctorate of Nurse Practitioner | University of Iowa, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner | Drake University, MSN, Family Nurse Practitioner | Briar Cliff University, BSN, RN


Dr. Angela Veenstra


Alyssa Coughennower

Alyssa Coughennower


Alyssa Coughennower is a board-certified Psych/Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. Alyssa started her nursing career 10 years ago and has found her passion in mental health. One of her goals is to help patients and the community overcome the stigma associated with mental health. Alyssa takes a holistic approach and believes in shared decision-making. She is an ally to the LGBTQ+ community. She treats individuals 16 years and older.


Allen College, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner | Allen College, MSN | Upper Iowa University, BSN